Emblem 074: The end of the world

Empty your pockets first. If you go there loaded down with sadness, or fear, or worries about money, that’s what you’ll find, and who needs more of that?

So attend to things that are yours, take problems apart and reassemble them as their own answers, meet what you’re running from for coffee.

Then sit with the end of the world. For all its vast size it doesn’t receive many visitors. Who knows what good thing may come of this?


Emblem 005: Abandon causes of sorrow

This is one of the Buddha’s teachings. He was making the point that some suffering occurs only in the mind—fictions made of thoughts and nothing else, with no corresponding object out in the world. This was part of a talk he gave in the Deer Park. After the talk he passed out a brief multiple choice quiz.

1. Which of the following will not help you prepare for an earthquake?

a. Put together an earthquake readiness kit that includes bottled water, a renewable battery-powered radio and about 200 dollars in small bills.

b. Establish a central meeting point for friends and family.

c. Plan a route out of the area that doesn’t make use of bridges, which may be collapsed after the quake.

d. Worry about earthquakes.