Emblem 015: Saint Brendan

Brendan is all at sea. That happens sometimes, when we find ourselves confused by sudden events, reversals or losses. The sea catches him in its current and runs with him. Once dry land drops below the horizon he comes to the islands no one has discovered. On one there’s a small boy who works magic and lives with birds. On another a teenager dwells who hasn’t fallen in love yet. Past that lie the islands of the hermit, of the cave of the winds, of the dog-headed people. Paradises on some, others not so pleasant. The result of the voyage is that by its end the islands have all been visited and gathered. They’re no longer lost but exist in relation to the mainland. The mainland benefits from this, regaining what was forgotten, exiled, never. And of course the islands have always wanted to be known.

To read an article that expands on this emblem, please follow this link.


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