Emblem 027: Take out the trash as you go

Sometimes there’s just a lot trash. There’s always some, even if only a little. It’s hard for any of us to live in such a way that everything’s valued, everything’s made use of down to the last scrap. But some families, some cultures, have more they need to get rid of than others. If you belong to such a one it may be you were given the task of receiving what wasn’t wanted, what there was so much of, and taking it out of the house. That means you spent more time outside than the others. An outsider. A not-really-one-of-us. An oddling.

It’s the most natural thing in the world to think that what you’re given must be yours. But that’s not always the case. Let’s look through what you’re carrying to see what came from who, whose it really is. But first, let’s get it off your back.


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