Emblem 053: Jonah

You can’t get away from it: there’s something you’re supposed to be doing with your life. You know what it is or you don’t, you’d rather not do it or anyway not just yet. Maybe it’s scary, maybe inconvenient. Why are you being bothered with this? Whose life is it anyway? You sidestep the whole issue, forget about it.

Sometime later you notice that your luck has begun to change for the worse. It’s all luck, right? Random, chaotic, no one paying attention? Sometime after that you fall into depression. Everything you used to love doing you don’t anymore. Your world grows dark and shrinks as you’re swallowed down. The suffering begins.

Listen: what you were supposed to do is still there. Call to it. No one can tell you its name but you can learn for yourself. It may be you’ll set foot on dry land again.


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