Emblem 050: The little time machine

This is the personal-size model of the appliance you’ve admired in so many novels and movies. It allows you, once you’ve mastered its use, to go back anywhere in your own time. Suitable for bringing along a trusted traveling companion if you like.

Think of the possibilities!

Finally you have a way to return to that long-ago moment when you were alone and afraid and no one came—now you’re there to witness and to break that solitude.

Perfect for revisiting painful romantic breakups. Comfort the grieving lover you were with the knowledge that this really turned out for the best.

Or journey to that terrible personal event, the one that seemed to be end of everything. Let that earlier version of you know he survives this. Ease his distress and ease your own at the same time.

How will you use it first?


With the little time machine you make all the difference.


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