Emblem 041 The second chance

If you like, you can accept this invitation to a guided meditation. To do so, make yourself comfortable. And imagine.

You’ve reached the very end of your life, its last few moments. You’re not in pain, and although you know this is the end your mind is clear and you’re not afraid. You look calmly back over your life, which is spread out in front of you. You review what you gave your time to, and what you didn’t. What you’re glad of, and what you regret. You find yourself remembering something, a part of your life you’d like to change. This could be something you always meant to do but never quite did, something you did more of than you really wanted to, or something you’d just do differently. The more you reflect on it the clearer it becomes that this was important to you. Your regret grows clearer as well.

You think, if only you had another chance. If only you could go back and attend to this. Yes, it would be best if you could choose the age you returned to. But wouldn’t any time before the end of life be good enough?

Sometimes it happens that these wishes are heard, less often that they’re granted. Yet this is one of those times. You’re brought back to some point in your life before its end to address what you most want to address.

Welcome back.


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